Last 15 things I bought on Amazon

Last 15 things I bought on Amazon

Like most people, I buy a lot of crap on Amazon. Some things are everyday things that are more convenient to order, because I don’t have a car. Other things, I buy because I have no idea where else I could get these things. And some things, I buy and ask myself later, why did I buy that??

Anyway, here are the last 15 things that I bought on Amazon, because I personally am snoopy and like to see what other people buy.

1. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, 24 Patches $4-5

So these are actually pretty cool. At night, after you wash your face, put these stickers on your zit and go to sleep. I like to put my serums and moisturizer after I put this on. Overnight while you sleep, these suckers suck the gunk out of your pimple making them smaller the next morning. And, my favorite part, you can see the pus in the sticker, which is actually more satisfying than watching Dr. Pimple Popper.

2. Nishiki Premium Rice, Medium Grain, 15-Pound Bag $16-$17


First of all, I love this rice. This is the go-to rice of almost all of my asian friends. My grandma and mom buy this rice. And it is pre-washed so you don’t have to, which is saves Mother Earth’s water because it is more efficient for Nishiki to wash than for us to do it individually. I also don’t have a car, and the nearest Asian market is far from me. I don’t know how I would be able to get a 15 lb bag of rice without Amazon, because I am obviously not going to be carrying it on the train.

3. touch in SOL STRETCHEX Stretch Lash Effect Mascara $11-13


This mascara is from a Korean brand, Touch in SOL. They used to have it at Sephora, but now they don’t sell it anymore. Wahhhh! (Jk, it was like $20 at Sephora). I really like this mascara, and considering that it is cheaper than most other mascaras at Sephora, I just order this. My sad lashes go straight down, and holding a curl is pretty tough. This is actually my most recent favorite (more than L’oreal Lash Paradise and CoverGirl Super Sizer… I know).  But I think this is better when it gets dryer inside, like about a month or two old.

4. Emergen-C Dietary Supplement Drink Mix with 1000 mg Vitamin C, 0.33 Ounce Packets, Caffeine Free (Pink Lemonade Flavor, 30 Count) $10

Emergen-C does not protect me from the flu, because nothing, not even the flu shot, protects you from the flu. It does however protect me from colds that I used to get when the weather in Chicago fluctuates like crazy, which is all the time. (55 one day and 26 the next. WTF!) I like the Pink Lemonade Emergen-C, which my grocery store doesn’t have. And my grocery store sells it for $13ish. Amazon sells this for $10. Saving money, better flavor, AND right to my doorstep. Uhhh Yea.

5. VitaFusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins for Adults – 250 Gummies $15

This is the only way I remember to take my vitamins, because they are candy. I rarely forget to take these, whereas I will always forget to take normal vitamins. The serving size is 2 gummies. Do I sometimes eat 4? Maybe.

6. Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses for Blocking UV Headache [Anti Eye Fatigue] Transparent Lens Black Frame, Unisex (Men/Women) $20

I couldn’t find the blue glasses that I bought, but the price point was about the same. Blue light from your computer or phone makes it harder for you to fall asleep. So I wear them in the late afternoons or evenings, and sometimes in the mornings (and all day), because they are easier on the eyes. Especially since I look at a computer for 8+ hours a day. And then like look at my phone for a bajillion hours after that.

7. iPhone Lightning Cable,ONSON 4Packs 3FT 6FT 6FT 10FT to USB Syncing and Charging Cable Data Nylon Braided Cord Charger for iPhone (Gray&White) $14

I kept two for myself and gave the other two away. I wanted a long one and a short one. These work well and were very affordable.

8. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio$18

My friend who is really on top of his game it’s not even funny recommended (almost pushed) this book to me. He told me that a) the author is a billionaire, and b) this book changed his life. Ok fine, so I bought it. It is well organized into different sections. I have finished the first section which was about his life. This guy is smart, but sometimes I felt he was a liiiitle arrogant. I mean, I guess he is super duper successful so he has a right to be, but I don’t get that feeling about Oprah. I’ve just started the second portion, which is about his principles. And I like this section more, because this is where the fundamentals come in. I’m not even half way and I have a ton of sticky tabs in my book to refer back to.

9. Glad OdorShield Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags – Febreze Fresh Clean – 13 Gallon – 110 Count $13

I like Glad kitchen trash bags, but I usually order whatever’s cheapest at the time. I could easily buy trash bags at the grocery store, but like I said I don’t have a car. I take two reusable grocery bags with me shopping every week and that is it. If I buy trash bags, that will take up like half a bag, and that means 25% less food for the week. So, I buy it on Amazon. The OdorShield is also a nice touch.

10. Perixx PERIBOARD-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard – Natural Ergonomic Design – White – Bulky Size 19.09″x9.29″x1.73″ $40

I was using my old school crappy keyboard and decided that it is time to grow up to something better. And this is way better. Interesting tho, I’ve discovered that my right hand reaches over to try and type keys that are supposed to be typed by the left hand. This used to work with my old crappy keyboard and my laptop (like right now), but when I used this, the keyboard is like Nope, go learn how to type.

11. Trtl Pillow – Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow – Machine Washable Grey $30

This is legit. I mean, $30 is expensive for a freaking neck pillow. However, when I used to use my old U-shaped pillow, my head would just go forward, and not use the sides at all. When I would wake up, I would always have neck pain (which is like stupid because what’s the point of a neck pillow if my head just goes forward). I have used Trtl Pillow on a redeye flight in the middle seat, and it was still awesome. In fact, I bought two more as gifts for family members.

12. JJCall (2 Pack) 3.5MM Iphone Earphones/Headphones/Earbuds with Stereo Mic&Remote Control for Apple and Android Smartphone Device $11

I wanted a set of headphones for my gymbag, my work backpack, in the house, and on the go. This was a two pack and gets the job done for only $11.

13. Lola 405 Stainless Steel Lint Trap, 12 piece- 6 Pack $6-$13

I don’t even know where to buy this. This is the lint trap for my washing machine so all the lint from my clothes don’t clog up the drain, and it works well. And it is affordable. Or at least I think it is, because I don’t know how much they are outside of Amazon.

14. C.C Trendy Warm Chunky Soft Stretch Cable Knit Beanie $9

I wear this beanie almost everyday when I go outside in the frigid cold of Chicago winter. It looks good and my ears and head are kept toasty. I can’t believe this is under $10. I think I will order another one in grey.

15. iCozzier 13-13.3 Inch Handle Diamond Foam Laptop Sleeve, Shock Resistant Electronics Accessories Storage Handbag /Stylish Travel Organizer for Laptop/ Ultrabook/ Notebook/ MacBook – Black $17

My laptop case was getting kind of old so it was time to buy a new one. I liked that this one had handles, and has an area with lots of different compartments to put my charger, headphones, etc. I also bought it because the foam diamond patterns would protect my computer from my clumsy ass.

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** There are Amazon Affiliate links in this post, which means I get a baby size commission. But I really did buy these things on Amazon, and let’s be honest, I barely make any money off of them so take pity on me.

5 thoughts on “Last 15 things I bought on Amazon

  1. Wow .. Last 10 things I brought are really useless and as you said, I really didn’t need them in my life. On;y 1 items was needed and that was compression socks for my calves. If we are talking about the last 25 items, I have maybe 5 items are my fave, that do have a purpose in my life.

    1.compression socks

    2.Kindle Paper white (black Friday sale) I’ll miss paperbacks but renting and moving books is hard.

    3. Squatty Potty ! like your neck pillow, this is legit. After developing IBS aka. Irritable bowl syndrome with lots of odd explainable symptoms. This quy helps put you in a natural position to go, with out the pushing which can cause hemorrhoids and bleeding. (watch the you tube video and the poopy unicorn 🙂 ) and less time working that toilet bowl and my non existent abs. stretch calf stretcher (job requires me to stand a lot, lots of aches building up)

    5.Lastly Hand held fan ! it was so hot here in the winter, i Use this at work and the entire team as adopted it !

    1. Thanks Erica! I’ve always wanted to try the Squatty Potty! It sounds better than the neck pillow… because I would use it every single day. Bahaha!

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