How I stopped getting Headaches

How I stopped getting Headaches

I used to get a lot of headaches, like at least every other day. I got used to them. In order to stay positive, I would tell myself, at least they are headaches and not stomachaches, because I rarely got stomachaches and when I did, they really sucked. Then last year I went to a chiropractor/ acupuncturist, because I started getting migraines about once a month. It would put me out for a day or two. My shoulders were always tense, but I thought it was because they had to carry my big-ass head. The stiffness would crawl up the back of my neck, and give me a headache. And when I combine that with hours of YouTube (before the days of my blue light blocking computer glasses), I would get a migraine behind one of my eyes. (Damn you Auto Load!!)

Anyway back to my chiropractor/ acupuncturist. (It was the same lady.) My insurance covers chiropractic care, but not acupuncture until I hit my deductible. So I specifically picked her because she does both, and I was hoping she would just slip in the acupuncture here and there. Cha-ching!! She totally did. And every time I saw her she would take my pH Balance. It turns out I am very acidic and this is bad.

She asked me, “Do you eat a lot of sugar?” Uhhh yeah. “Do you eat a lot of carbs?” #Alldayeveryday.

Do you drink a lot of caffeine? Basically only green tea and nothing else at work, but it’s like healthy caffeine! So the doc told me to layoff those things, which is like super hard because that was like 80% of my diet. And try to eat more veggies that are more alkaline. But then I would see her again in 1-2 weeks, where she would take my pH balance and I would still be acidic. I would then give her an excuse like, I just had a lot of oranges and lemons, when it turns out those are more alkaline based, so I am just an idiot. My bad. Ugh, but I also hate migraines so fine. I bought pH Balance Strips so I can regularly monitor how acidic I am. (I used my saliva, not my pee. And I’m very acidic like all the freaking time). I cut back on the sugary yogurts and put raw honey in instead, which actually tastes better. I switched from having milk chocolate lying around the house to the bitter meh tasting dark chocolate, which is not as good as milk chocolate (to me) so I have less cravings. I stopped buying this delicious sweet brioche bread from my grocery store, which weirdly didn’t grow any mold after it was sitting in my cabinet for like 3 weeks. I started drinking water and green tea at work. And dude, it worked. Now I rarely get headaches.

I experimented a little with my limits by adding back the sugar, carbs, and caffeine.

I am the most sensitive to sugar. This sucks because donuts are so good and they are sugar and carbs… wahhhhh. If I have a sugary yogurt and a glazed donut for breakfast, I get a headache before lunch. But if I have one or the other, I might get tense but usually no headache. I am less sensitive to carbs. If I eat pizza for dinner, I am fine. But if I eat rice at breakfast, rice at lunch, mochi for a snack, and then eat pizza for dinner, I will get a headache (this was last week). And I am less sensitive to caffeine. I can have a couple cups of coffee + green tea throughout the day and be headache free.

So what does this have to do with finance? It doesn’t, but it has a lot to do with your overall wellbeing.

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2 thoughts on “How I stopped getting Headaches

  1. Hi Amy! I’m so glad you started acupuncture! I’m super biased, but yeah it’s the best. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Headaches suck and make me tired and mean. I’m curious…what is you pH since you’ve changed your diet and started treatment?

    Another tip is squeezing half a lemon in hot water and drinking this first thing in the morning (like before consuming anything). I also drink Garden of Life alkalizer and detoxifier in the afternoon for a little boost. It tastes like a lawn, but in a good way lol

    1. Yeah it totally blew my mind. Like I’ve had these headaches since high school. My pH Balance used to be really low. Like 6.2-6.4,maybe 6.8 on a good day. I just checked my balance now and it was about a 7.2. I bought the Garden of Life alkalizer based on your recommendation from before! It does take like lawn in a good way. haha. Thanks for the lemon tip in the morning! I love water with lemon. I have this herbal lemon ginger tea (no caffeine). Do you think that would help too?

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