Start Here

Start Here

Nice job. You want use your money for something better than buying crap on Amazon or going to brunch. Don’t we all, but most of us don’t know where to start. Nobody taught us this in school. We didn’t learn about real estate or the stock market or budgeting. Nope. So we studied hard, are working hard, and the end seems so far away. Well, these posts will help you make better decisions and become more financially literate.

You have limited resources. Each time you pay for that expensive bag, watch, car or vacation, it is money that you could have invested.

First, let’s get you start thinking more like an investor. This is important. 

Now let’s make sure you are ready to invest. Follow these Steps!

Are your finances in order? Do you still have credit card debt? Do you have 401k Matching?

Ready to invest? Are you worried? If you keep it in the bank, you will be getting 0.01%. That sucks. Don’t know what’s happening in the market? No problem. There are companies that do that for you. 

Are you ready to buy a home? It’s probably the biggest financial transaction in your life right now, so you should treat it as an investment and a place to live. My tip to you is: Rent should be greater than or around the mortgage.

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